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Monday, December 05, 2005


AAH, there's something about the first snow fall of the season that is inconvenient and magical all at once. Its really just an excuse to blow off 45 minutes on the treadmill in exchange for a hot lavender bath and some delectable hot chocolate (not to mention maybe JUST A BIT of reality TV--hello Nanny 911)!

Somehow, though, the bath and warm drink got put off for, surprise surprise, SHOPPING. This time for a MUCH NEEDED snow/ice scraper and a new blow dryer since I nearly pulled a Michael Jackson on the set of a Pepsi commerical trying to dry my hair this morning.

Returning to the couch and the boob tube I opted for a repeat of Law and Order (those shows NEVER get old) since Wife Swap was BORRRRINGGG! Not so much said about Nanny 911. Sometimes I don't know who is worse the parents or the children. However listening to twin 3 year olds curse at their mother is a way less aggravating headache then watching the Philadelphia Eagles try to pull off a win against the 1st place Seattle Seahawks, plus I already felt tears coming on when they retired Reggie White's jersee. My blood runs green but a life without Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb is no life at all.

So in just a few minutes I will check the snow accumulation on the hood of my car to help figure out how much of my morning routine will get occupied by scraping and de-icing, then I will pop on MTV for the brand new season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge The Gauntlet. Hey its no Laguna Beach or Making the Band 3 but, again, better than the Eagles. Nighty night my snow bunnies and happy shovelling! HD


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