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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shedding calories while shopping....

Up to your ears in ribbons and bows? Still searching endlessly for those last minute holiday gift items? Me too, and that means I've let my workout routine completely slip away this week. So here are some tips on how you can actually BURN calories while you're out and about finishing up your shopping!

1. It's a pain, but carry your bags instead of using a cart, you can burn a couple hundred calories just by lugging your gifts around.

2. Bet ya didn't know hitting the fitting room to try on some holiday party duds can burn off 204 calories, but it does!

3. Got a baby or toddler? Skip the stroller and carry your little one to get rid of 50 calories per hour.

4. Forget waiting for the elevator or findind space on a crowded escalator. Burn nearly 300 calories and give your booty a boost by taking the shopping mall stairs.

5. Get to those coveted items faster! Speed walk to and through your store destinations--it eliminates 400 more calories than just strolling.

6. Hate the lines? Who doesn't? But standing in them (as opposed to finding something to sit or lean on) cuts 61 calories.

So don't sweat a couple Christmas cookies or two just because ya have no gym time in your schedule!

TTYL and happy shopping! Heather


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