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Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm in LOVE with Ugly Betty! This is the best new show since Grey's Anatomy. It's deliciously witty and funny, and I love the way it shows the fashion industry almost poking fun at itself. The fashionable side of Ugly Betty and its soon-to-be-next Sexiest Man Alive co-star Eric Mabius (Betty's womanizing boss Daniel) aren't the typical reasons for which I will NEVER miss an episode. It's Betty. Who knew ugly could be so cute? America Ferrara plays Betty and I first noticed America in the indie flick Real Women Have Curves--she was an unknown then but with CLEAR acting chops. In the NY world of high fashion someone like America in real life, and Betty in fictional life would NOT stand a chance--she is simply too normal--a little overweight, train-wreck dresser, braces and glasses don't help. Thats why she brings such credibility to
her Ugly role. Somehow instead of being caught up in the glossiness of the magazine (MODE) she works for and ga-ga over supermodels and gorgeous co-stars, I find myself rooting for Betty. She arrives in a self-centered, superficial atmosphere as an editor's assistant and finds a way to bring them down to her level, down to real life. The show has ALL entertainment elements, not just one--its funny, sexy, dramatic and even touching. And who knew Vanessa Williams could be so convincing as a conniving, backstabbing co-worker. Although America's Betty is the star, her co-stars are all individually intriguing in their own right making for a tight and successful ensemble cast. So while you may be hooked on Survivor, Smallville, and The Office, if you're not watching Ugly Betty Thursdays at 8 on ABC you're missing out on the most clever show on the TV schedule, plus its produced by Salma Hayek and she pops up on episodes here and there so its fun for a girl AND a boy--at least Tivo or DVR it and give it a shot!



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