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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Paul Pulls Ahead

I need to get a life. Last night at 9:28pm I found myself with a pillow in front of my face too anxious to look at the TV in case by some colossal screw-up Katharine Mc Phee got dumped from American Idol. This season is entirely too nervewracking for me to handle.

Tuesday night's Idol had the contestants taking on songs from the 21st century. I had NO idea where some of their choices came from, especially Mandisa and Kelley Pickler. I was looking forward to maybe a bit of Maroon 5 or Avril Lavigne. Instead I got under-par renditions of gospel and unfamiliar country tunes.

16 year-old Lisa Tucker, whom I had orginally chosen from the audition process to get the Idol title, sealed her fate with a poor performance of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You". It came off, in the often-used words of Simon Cowell, as bad karaoke. Clarkson OWNS that song start to finish, and Lisa fell well short of competing with her. As I expected Lisa and Ace represented two of the bottom three. What I didn't expect was to see one of the front-runners, Katharine Mc Phee, down there with them. Katharine chose to sing Christina Aguilera's 2003 tune "The Voice Within". It had a rocky start and was an uncomfortable, nervous performance. The end most definitely showcased Kat's pipes but for me it was no where near her best effort. However, I didn't feel it meritted bottom three. Mc Phee, luckily, has gotten another chance as the lowest vote's went to Lisa. THANK GOODNESSSS!

With Paul Kelly chosing Lisa to get booted week 7 and I week 5, Paul now leads our American Idol Challenge by three points. If Ace Young goes home next week though I will be in STELLAR shape to pull ahead. It's country time on Idol next week which will unfortunately bode well for Bucky and Kelley, but I want them BOTH gone!



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