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Thursday, March 23, 2006

America Gets It Right


America FINALLY got it right last night voting off Kevin Covais from American Idol. The 16 year-old crooner, known to his fellow Idol contestants as "Chicken Little", did not score big with his rendition of "When I Fall In Love" during Idol's "50's Night" Tuesday. Even though Kevin got significantly less harsh comments from Simon Cowell than the week before, America did not agree. And I could not be happier. I still have NO idea how Kevin Covais squeeked his way into the Top 24 let alone Top 12. Guess the grannies and youngins fell for his boyish looks.

I have been gunning to get rid of Kevin for WEEKS, as has my Idol Challenge counterpart Paul Kelly. I even went as far as to say Tuesday night that I would gladly take a point loss to Paul in our contest just to see Covais go. Luckily we both had Kevin positioned to get booted in the same week so we are even keel again. With Bucky hanging around (my pick to go home last week and Paul's for this week) Paul is ahead by 2 points.

Catch up on the 2nd Annual American Idol Challenge at 951WAYV.com. Although I like Bucky Covington, I need him to go so I can pick up some points. I have to be nearly perfect here on out if I'm to beat Paul. I know I have some supporters out there so send me your comments by clicking below. Happy Idol voting!

TTYL, Heather


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