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Sunday, January 22, 2006

When Two Become One

Been gone awhile I know. Feeling a bit uninspired lately. Watching E! News Weekend today cured that. So to get right on with it--What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is up with the media identifying celebrity couples by ONE name?

Okay, I have to admit it was MILDLY comedic to refer to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as "Bennifer". I myself am guilty of using the term. But I should have known the whole "2 Become 1" fad was a bit out of control when "Bennifer" transitioned to "JennAffleck" and "JLofleck".

It's natural for even more celeb-envy to set in when two incredibly sexy and attractive stars cohabitate. In general, when two people fall in love the atmosphere can be magnetic. But when it's someone like Ben and Jenn it's even harder to take your eyes, and your imagination, away. Wondering how they got together, who were they with (if anyone) when the courtship began, how many carats will the bling be if engagement ensues, who becomes the wedding dress designer, and finally HOW LONG WILL IT ALL LAST???!!! Celebrity coupling has even become a betting cult in Las Vegas and in the court of public opinion until you are on the edge of your seat waiting for an impending split.

All of the above is acceptable to a fault. A fun distraction if you will from our my-so-called-ordinary-lives. But the line has to be drawn SOMEWHERE. Ben Affleck got lucky. He eventually went on the marry another Jennifer (Jennifer Garner) after his breakup with Lopez, thereby leaving him free from any other last name collaborations. Enter "Brangelina". That's right--THE king and THE queen and eptiomies of HOT--Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The public was ever more forgiving of Brad's "alleged" infideltiy commited against fellow sex symbol and wife Jennifer Aniston because Angelina was considered by men AND some women to be an "upgrade". Understandable. But who sits around with pen to paper coming up with the possible scenarios of what the couple will further be known as? I can't remember anyone referring to Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio as "MonMaggio", or Liz Taylor and Richard Burton as "Elizadick". So as if we didn't already have gag reflex from the whole JLo-Affleck phenomenon we now have their pairing to thank for this new phase of media manipulation. Let's hope its JUST a phase (however, I must say I do fear for what will happen with the upcoming Jolie-Pitt offspring--waiting with baited breath).

The whole irriation that started this blog in the first place came from one Giulianna De Pandi (E! News coorespondent) dubbed Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston "Vaughniston". You can help end this ridiculous trend by restraining yourself from feeding into the frezny. GOOD LUCK!

TTYL! Heather


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