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Saturday, December 10, 2005

We need a Holiday

Well, its Saturday on another Big 80's weekend on WAYV, and I'm sitting around this afternoon watching a Big 80's movie--Back to the Future. 1.21 jigwatts!

Another WAYV holiday party is on the books and it was a blast as usual. Its always fun to trade in my jeans and boots for a sparkly dress. However, I could probably have done without my impromtu karaoke rendition of "Paradise By The Dashboard Light". Suddenly the dance floor of Angelo's Fairmount Tavern was turned into a Broadway stage Meatloaf style complete with myself and Jim from our sales staff belting out the classic tune with our very own microphones. WOW! Someone does need to remind me that I'm NOT a very good singer!

Anyway, its a great time for the WAYV air staff to kick back and chat about something other than contests and celeb gossip. At Equity Communications we all really know how to have a suare and enjoy EVERY LAST MINUTE OF IT!

So today I'm recovering from a very late night. And later when I finally muster up an ounce of energy I'll attempt to remove the remnants of the mascara still clustered and smeared under my eyes. Makeup removal TRUELY is the worst part of the whole getting dolled-up for a night out thing.

In an hour or two I'll pick up the pictures from last nights shindig so I can see if there's anything on camera I missed in person. At the very least I have another interesting chapter for my diary and another cocktail dress desperately needing a trip to the cleaners thanks to my overdose of canolis and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Later when I have all my witts about me and I'm COMPLETELY lucid I will explain why EVERYONE needs to see a movie called CAPOTE starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. TTYL! Heather


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