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Sunday, December 25, 2005

That's A Wrap

Merry Christmas all! Hope its been a fun-filled 48 hours for you and your family but it's all over for '05. That means another 364 days have to pass before we get another 24 hours of A Christmas Story, and that makes me sad. It was such an INSANELY hectic day that I didn't even get to see my favorite Christmas movie once from beginning to end.

I'll set the scene for you--5, count them, 5 little girls all under the age of 9 invading my once childhood home. Some of the 5 are ANGELS. The others? Not so much. The first of the 5 princesses arrived shortly after noon and away it went. Just as I am getting my front row seat to the first round of gift-opening, my best friend Nicole and her significant other Sal popped by and so commensed the consuming of the spirits. Jellybeans my father called them. I called them SHOTS FROM HELL. Blackberry Brandy and Anisette may as well have been BATTERY ACID. So I switched to mimosas. I LOVE champagne and at least I can claim the orange juice is giving me my daily dose of Vitamin C.

Just as one guest is leaving THE OTHERS arrive. My cousin is mother to 4 little girls. That meant the living room turned into FAO Schwartz. Toy after toy after toy. Wrapping paper and bows flying. All that work out the window! Running from one blonde lovely to the next in a round-robin of frenzied gift-giving. Boy was Santa good to them!

Enter Theresa, my other gal-pal partner-in-crime. So yep, you guessed it--more champagne. About 4 stuffed shells, 2 canolis, and countless pieces of pepperoni I was spent! Family time wears me out, but I LOVE IT and really wouldn't have it any other way--because I have never known it any other way.

Santa's sure been good to me as well. Fave gift? A baby-blue velour Shabby Chic blanket. Something to keep me warm this winter and hold me over until next year's festivities. And so closes Christmas 2005. Next up? Ringing in the new year retro-style at the WAYV Big 80's New Years Eve Bash at Trump Marina! Taylor Dayne, Morris Day and the Time, and WAYV (by the way tickets ARE still available through 951WAYV.com if you'd like to add yourself to the party)!

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a good night!!!


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