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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And so the "Idol" battle begins...

Although I would really love to tell you about the Billy Joel show from Monday night, since I've been procrastinating about it for 3 days, since Paull Kelly has taken our American Idol Challenge PUBLIC its time for me to comment.

If all this is new to you head to the homepage of 951WAYV.com to catch up. Last year Paul and I had an informal game going trying to pick next American Idol. It amounted to just listing our picks on a piece of paper that hung on the cork board in the AYV studio. This year, however, has become a little more competitive.

It all started when during the audition process of this Idol season I proclaimed 16 year-old Lisa Tucker was the next American Idol. From there Paul and I decided to try and narrow down which of the 24 finalists would make it to the all important top 12 when America gets to vote. So I thought I would make it more fun by using posterboard and idol-pics to make things more interesting. I was up to my eyeballs in glitter and rubber cement and all of a sudden I felt like I was back in 7th grade art class.

As you may have read on Paul's blog, he and I were even keel heading into the final 12 when the performances moved to Hollywood's Kodak theater. We both had 6 a piece. Now the REAL game has begun. There is a new, more-glittered, more complicated board with new rules to go along with it. This time around its a point system that Paul worked up ( I think to confuse me since I am terrible with numbers :P ). It hurts my head to go over it again since it took us a week to finalize it ourselves so if you want to know how it works head to Paul's blog. In all seriousness though I had a blast with Paul yesterday as we officially unveiled our 12 one by one.

So far today Mr. Kelly has bragging rights since his 12th pick Melissa McGhee (meaning his first pick to be knocked out of the 12) has been sent packing. But judging from what happened with Ace winding up in last night's bottom three I may be doing some bragging of my own in the coming weeks. You can comment freely on my list of 12-1 by clicking below. Paul has a lot of supporters so I am trying to muster up my own cheering section! Go Team HD! Which side are you on???

TTYL, Heather


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