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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hell For The Homeless

Usually I reserve my blogging for whimsy and general ranting. And believe me, I would like nothing more than to throw my two-cents in regarding the American Idol challenge I've got going on with Paul Kelly. Rarely do I ever comment on the news unless its something "entertainment" related, but I feel compelled to write about something of more substance tonight.

There is a growing epidemic in this country--homeless abuse. We have all been guilty of ignoring the homeless, pointing at them or staring because in truth its just hard NOT to sometimes. So many of us wander around uneducated and too busy to bother with questioning how someone BECOMES homeless. Homelessness is seen as a disease in our society. Recently, the homeless have become an unwilling target of something more than neglect. They are dealing with violence in growing numbers. Worse, the trend is being perpetuated by the young.

Several male college students were arrested in Florida last month for attacking two homeless men with baseball bats. Only days ago another man sleeping in a Boston park was attacked by, yet again, college boys who beat him then threw lighter fluid on him and set him on fire. Whether on a dare, or for bragging rights, out of drunkeness or sheer enjoyment, "homeless bashing" is becoming a trend. Even Paris Hilton's newest boyfriend Stavros Niarchas was reported to have paid a homeless man on Sunset Boulevard $100 to pour a soda on his head.

People may not UNDERSTAND or even care why or how someone winds up living on the street. But what can't be ignored is the fact that the homeless already have an awareness and embarrassment of their situation. Whether they got there through their own bad decisions or have simply been dealt a bad hand in life, one thing they would rather not have is an even greater humiliation of being attacked for fun. I'm sure they would RATHER someone pretend they don't exist than be assaulted or killed.

These thoughts began for me tonight on just a routine drive home through Atlantic City leaving DejaVu Nightclub and seeing a homeless man walking barefoot down Atlantic Avenue while co-eds rolling in for Spring Break threw change at the man and laughed. I just couldn't in good conscience go to sleep tonight without expressing my disdain for blatent disregard for human life. With cell phone 411 at your fingertips maybe next time instead of staring you could dial up and find the nearest shelter or soup kitchen and pass on the info to someone who could use it. Hope I made ya think.

TTYL. Heather


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