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Friday, February 03, 2006

Haagen Daas for Heather

Ok since it is now the beginning of February, and my new year's resolution was to STOP eating junk food, I have to confess I am doing a miserable job keeping up my end of the bargain. I just CANNOT stop myself!

I am not cutting out that which is bad for the sole purpose of losing weight. It is simply because I feel crabby and sluggish and bad about myself when I overindulge. So why can't I quit it???!!! It seems the more I tell myself I can't have something the more I crave it! But I guess that's true of so many things in the world.

The foods I can't seem to overcome an addiction to are Baked Lays, lunchmeat, Goldfish, chicken cheese steaks, white bread, Hershey Kisses, stuffed shells, nachos, french fries, and cream cheese. The thing is I actually like wheat bread and Baked Lays aren't the WORST thing I could eat. But it all went downhill while I was watching the SAG awards Sunday night and consumed 1/4 pint of Haagen Daas double chocolate chip ice cream. Of all the ice creams Haagen Daas is the tastiest, and unfortunately the most fattening (which IS the reason it is soooo delicious). I felt so awful after, and not because I had eaten the ice cream--it was really good--but because I could not implement any self-control. So as so many analysts claim--is an obsession with food truely mind over matter?

I need help! I have to put down the bacon and pick up a carrot. More salad, less carbs. Give up the crunch I crave from chips for the crunch from an apple. The thing is I love fruit and vegetables. I also hate to cook which could be the problem. I workout constantly and very infrequently miss trips to the gym but its not enough. So anyone out there in blog-land with any tips that could cure me--please HELP! Because I don't think the supermarkets will grant my wish of removing Haagen Daas from freezer cases any time soon.

TTYL, Heather


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