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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

LOTS to say about NICK LACHEY

Uninspired. That's sort of been my position as of late on blogging. What to rant, complain, or boast about? Sunday night at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa I found EXACTLY what I needed to pull me out of my blogging rut--NICK LACHEY.

WAYV presents Nick Lachey was another sold out concert event for us. As luck would have it I got the priveledged task of escorting 10 WAYV listeners backstage to stand face to face with the ex-Mr. Jessica Simpson. Not bad work if ya can get it. :-P

Along with the WAYV backstage contest winners were a gaggle of Nick fan club members panting in anticipation of Nick's arrival. When they finally got their wish I felt the need to hold my ears. You would have thought Elvis entered the building, lol. Bloodcurdling screams filled the air. One by one we stood in line to have Nick sign a dashing 8x10 of him looking ever-so-rugged in an old beat-up pick-up truck. Worth the wait? Every minute of it.

The no-airbrushing necessary Nick did not disappoint. Now, I'm not really one to go on looks alone when it comes to celebrities, I'm more into the talent aspect of the industry but holy cow this boy hit the all-American good looks jackpot. I've met some celebs who look NOTHING in person like they do on doctored magazine covers and in extremely flatteringly-lighted music videos. I didn't think it was possible but Nick Lachey is every bit as handsome up close as you've seen on TV. It was almost, ok it WAS definitely distracting. Round about 5'10, just buff enough, and with killer eyes. Mega watt smile? Check. Impressed? DUH! All I could really think was "how could Jessica have given THAT up?". Whatever they're misfortune I was standing there and well, at that given moment she wasn't. He he he.

Now that I've all but drowned you in vocabulary about Nick's rockin' aesthetics, I have to reveal that he is one of the nicest, most down to earth members of the fame game I've come in contact with. We chatted briefly about football and I extended well-wishes that his career continues to fall into place as it has this last year. And there ya have it. After a backstage encounter and on-stage opportunity to have Nick drop to his knees in front of me while belting out a Led Zep tune, Mr. Lachey was more than enough to end my blogging drought!

TTYL, Heather DeLuca


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