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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

EVOO! And keep it comin'...

Helloooooo everyone out there in web-land. Been gone awhile, I know. But I have been entirely TOO distraught to type since the love-of-my-life Chris Daughtry got booted from American Idol. So NO! I will NOT be speaking of AI especially since now there is NO hope of my even coming close to a victory in the AYV American Idol Challenge against Paul Kelly.

Whew! Now on to happier news. I recently took some time off and in my leisure I have discovered one of 3 soul mates in this world. Maybe you've heard of her? Rachael Ray? Ah, but you MUST know her because apparently I am late to that party. If ya don't, Rachael makes 30-minute Meals on the Food Network and the woman is a freakin' GENIUSSSSS!!!!!

One day during my vacation I inadvertently flipped on Food Network instead of HGTV (don't laugh). All of a sudden I see this pint-sized thing whipping her way around the kitchen and chatting at lightening speed, laughing at her own stories and talking to no one it seems other than herself. My first reaction? "Oh gosh what is this poor girl on?". I couldn't decide whether I was annoyed by her or fascinated. Whatever it might have been, I couldn't change the channel. Could it be that I found someone to really honestly and truley inspire me to cook? YEEESSSSSS!!!!

Rachael Ray has gotten me to do what my mother and boyfriends have been trying to do for years--get ME to cook, and do it in an organized way that doesn't require my using EVERY utensil and pot in the kitchen. Rachael's recipes are quick and easy, with simple ingredients. She cooks in real-time "delicious and healthy meal from start to finish in under 30 minutes". And here's a novel idea, they actual come out tasting AS GOOD as they look on TV. No guess work. I'm in love I think.

She has tons of cookbooks and numerous shows as I have found out. And soon she partners with Oprah Winfrey for her own talk show! In talking incessantly about Rachael Ray I have found people either love her or REALLY don't (Mike of Mike and Diane Morning show and my boyfriend being haters--Paul Kelly being a lover). Check her out, you won't be sorry! 6pm Food Network.

TTYL, Heather


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