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Thursday, October 19, 2006


She's conquered Food Network (with 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, and Tasty Travels), bookstores, and syndicated television--and NOW fianlly Rachael Ray has finally found time in her busy schedule to visit America's Favorite Playground. In case you haven't seen the HUGE billboard over the Black Horse Pike, Rachael is entertaining at Caesar's in AC on Novenmber 12th, and she's doing not ONE but TWO question and answer forums!

Please revisit one of my previous blogs to uncover my fascination with Rachael. She's the genius that got me off the couch and into the kitchen, not to mention glued to my TV everyday for hope of catching one of her countless shows. Even though I had broken up with Rach after a recent episode of $40 because I was saddened that she picked out 5 live crabs and sat idley by while they were sent to a boiling, watery grave, I still feel the need to indulge. How can I risk not seeing her say "EVOO extra virgin olive oil" in person?

Yes she has become a BIT overexposed lately with her new Martha Stewart-like talk show, magazine covers, book covers and the like. But I think she's worth spending a Sunday afternoon with. Tickets are on sale now. See ya there!



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