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Monday, November 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Christmas 2007. Another year spent baking, shopping, frustratingly searching and shopping for the perfect gifts. The lines, the traffic, the stress and headaches that inevitably accompany the holiday season. So rare is it that among the endless Christmas card-writing and twinkle light-stringing do I find solace and serentiy. But for ONE half-hour I CAN escape thanks to the seasonal tradition I hold dearest. The splendor of A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Now while I DO take issue with the fact that its airing Tuesday night (November 27th, 8pm, ABC for you Tivo-ers and DVR-ers), way earlier than necessary, what I KNOW is that I'll drop everything else to watch it. All treadmilling, showering, laundry-ing, cooking and what-have-you will need to be accomplished or put on hold for 30 minutes. A Charlie Brown Christmas is for me the most endearing and classic of all the holiday movies, cartoons, and specials. Here are 3 reasons why (for me):

3. Lucy Van Pelt's PELTING of Charlie for a variety of reasons (skimpy Xmas tree, terrible Xmas play directing) is at its best. No one brings down Charlie quite like my girl Lucy.

2. Linus' futile attempt to deliver the "true meaning of Christmas" message. The kids just wanna dance and decorate, but for us viewers it makes ya listen intently.

1. An ALUMINUM CHRISTMAS TREE...bright, pink, shiny...cold, hard, aluminum steel. Now doesn't that sound easier than watering the real thing, lighting the thing up to high heaven, and running up your electric bill?

No need to make mention of The Snoop--he rocks 365 days a year. WATCH AND ENJOY! Show the little ones what they're missing if they've yet to see it! Take what may be the only 30 minutes of free time you'll have this shopping season! If we get lucky they may even air it TWICE since feeling the need to throw it on pre-Dec 1.

TTYL! Heather


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