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Monday, January 07, 2008

Ax American Gladiators!

Happy New Year all! Been a little blog-lazy lately. Since I can't even begin to know where to start commenting on the health and welfare (or lack thereof) of Britney Spears, I've turned my attention to a more recent trainwreck--the revival of American Gladiators. Did I mention the UNNECESSARY revival? Sure, anyone with a TV and a clicker in the 80's locked onto the original syndicated Gladiators once or twice. In my case it was every single Saturday with my brother when we were itty-bitty. Overly stacked formidable bone-crushers taking on the meak and unprofessional in obstacle and hand to hand combat. Clever challenge set ups and silver spandexed AG's gave the show its mystique back on the days of old. But not EVERYTHING old need be made new again. And NBC has just proven that. Hosted by wrestler Hulk Hogan and DWTS alum and pro boxer Leila Ali, the new AG is blatantly scripted. Its almost quite literally exhausting watching them both try and make it thru their on-camera commentary. Back are the rock wall and joust along with the elimination course among other stunts, but the days of these matches captivating, my attention at least, are OVER. I'm sure the new batch of body breakers dedicate every day of their lives to staying fat free and fit--but they look steroid-blazen rather than attractive. Its so the antithesis of hot. Not to mention the smack-talking contestants. I just don't buy it this time around. If your flipping for something to watch and you stumble upon American Gladiators, take my advice, keep flipping.



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