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Friday, January 11, 2008

Pass on P.S.

This rant probably going to seem a tad scatterbrained today because I'm not going to be able to get all my thoughts out fast enough since I've been waiting and storing info in my head for 3 days now.
I've seen maybe the most disappointed piece of cinema in YEARS.
P.S. I Love You has all the star power of a blockbuster. Instead, its a giant flub. Hillary Swank, Harry Connick Jr., Lisa Kudrow? Even Grey's Anatomy's hot Denny Duckett character (Jeffrey Deam Morgan) couldn't get this wreck back on the rails. Adapted from a book--and that should have been my first clue and lesson learned from the Davinci Code that movies are NEVER as good as the books--P.S. is the classic story of having a loved one you take for granted who is unexpectedly taken by death and you spend your life full of regret and sadness. Should be a homerun chick flick. Nowhere NEAR.
I've not seen such wretched acting by Academy Awards winners. Hillary Swank should stick to roles where her character gets killed off. There is nothing endearing about her in this role, nor sincere. She has NO comedic timing, and its easy to see that if she's not playing completely against type, she just isn't plausable. Maybe thats why Aaron Spelling canned her after just 8 episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. I just didn't buy it. Harry Connick Jr. seemed literally idiotic, and laughable. Even Lisa Kudrow couldn't leave her Friends "Phoebe" persona behind.
There are many pivotal scenes involving crying and dying. Scenes that required raw acting and emotion. However, P.S.'s editors (and presumably director) never let those scenes simply speak for themselves. There was not ONE SINGLE SECOND of this movie removed from score or soundtrack--so much so that it became wildly distracting. Not to mention the movie's saccharine scrpit took up more than 2 hours of screen time. A whole half-hour/45 minutes more than it needed. Towards the end loose ends were tied up though TOO quickly.
The characters just never melded for me. They all LOOKED like they were ACTING. Even Kathy Bates who turned in the best performance in the movie as Hill's mama couldn't penetrate. There was a clear detatchment the actors had from EACH OTHER. I don't know, I could probably go on a lot longer but I'm sure you get the picture. However, if you wanna see Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bare booty just wait till the DVD release and fast forward to about an hour 30 in and hit pause. Well worth it, but not for the price of admission. Just buy the book or wait for the disc.
A better bet for the weekend? The HILARIOUS The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson--thats REAL acting. Or stretch out for some horror for the spanish-language flick The Orphanage. That looks spooky.


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