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Monday, January 28, 2008

Say Hello to the New Breed Hotties!

Everyone has their hypothetical list of "5". Ya know, the five celebrity guys or gals whom if were to pop up in our "real lives" we would be able to ditch spouses for an inexcuseably run off with. Well my list is rapidly changing. There's a new breed my friend, a NEW BREED. Yes, my Hall of Fame hottie list (and these lists, of course, are fiercly personal) include the likes of Tom Hanks, Bryan Adams and Diddy--yes that's right Sean Combs. But in the the past six months my attention has turned to some up-and-comers. Oddly, some of these newbies have been around the block a time or two, but are just recently becoming more high-profile. Let's begin with my NEW "5" shall we? (in no particular order):
James Marsden--sure he was a blind superhero in the "XMen" trilogy. A shame to cover up those gorgeous blue eyes with hideous 80's-like sunglasses, but with a megawatt smile and chisled cheekbones who needs em? He's completely endearing opposite Kate Heigel in this month's "27 Dresses" and he's finally getting the leading-man attention he deserves.
Jerry O'Connell--a.k.a. Mr. Rebecca Romaijn--Abs. Need I say more? Jerry was a pudgy cutie pie back in the days of "Stand By Me". But somehow when his baby face and weight hit the curb what remained was a rockin' hard Pitt-like package. Boring TV's shows like "Crossing Jordan" and "Sliders" have come and gone, and Jerry is now playing up to his comedic talents in ABC's buried half-hour sitcom "Carpoolers". He's brilliant on this unique show as the stereotypical non-committal hot guy and weekly visions of his cut physique have bumped him up into my "5".
Chris Pine--Who? Exactly. Lesser-known if UNKNOWN altogether. But get used to this rugged looker. He's the modern day Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams highly anticipated winter "Star Trek" prequel. He looks like, and may be, a former soap actor. But his sharper features give him an edge. I predict he'll fill out that hideous gold-black Enterprise uniform and wind up on everyone's "it" list by years end.
Javier Bardem--The literary, theatrical owner of the greatest killing machine to hit the big screen since Terminator. Javier has been picking up a slew of awards recently for his haunting, eery portrayal of a serial killer in "No Country For Old Men". He's menacing on film yet humbling to hear speak. The spaniard boy-toy of Penelope Cruz comes as almost a shock to me considering his most recent role. His real-life persona is a complete antithesis of his Coen Bros.-created murderer. Not very good with the english language offscreen, this guy makes me believe the addage that European languages are those of love.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan--Boy, that Kate Heigel gets to kiss all the best ones. Lol. Jeff is most likely better known as the gorgeous but ill-fated Denny Dukett from "Grey's Anatomy" 's 2nd season. Ya know, the sickbed bound heart patient of Dr. Izzy? He died too quick for my taste. Dimples. Those dark chocolate eyes. That 5 o'clock shadow that looks like it could scrape your skin off. It's love. He was maybe the only GOOD part of the Hillary Swank bomb "P.S. I Love You". In that flick he even spoke like a true Irishman and flashed a bit of his bare bum. With more TV appearances lined up and a few more forays into film in the near future, JDM could be the next George Clooney. The man's got acting chops too, lol.
TTYL, Heather


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