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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Curtain Falls on Chickezie

Probably a few weeks overdue, Chickezie is the latest American Idol casualty. Dumped by the show Wednesday night for performing--I don't even KNOW what song--a song that Simon claimed was absolutely the wrong choice, sealing his fate. Syesha in the bottom 2 was a suprise however. I felt she sang with conviction Tuesday night and delivered her best performance thus far. Kristy Lee Cook SAFE for performing "God Bless The USA"? I find nothing unique about this girl, but if America's keeping her around for being fortunate looking, than I suggest she begin making the most of her assetts--she could benefit IMMENSLY from a shorter skirt and some killer stilettos. She's become the new Sanjaya, hanging by a thread. I believe since Paul, Diane, and myself had Chickezie leaving this week, that means PKell is still only in the lead by one point in the WAYV American Idol Challenge.


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