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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Idol left me IDLE...

A bit disenchanted regarding last night's American Idol performances. Was a SECOND Beatles-themed week really necessary. I was just BLAH. Kristy Lee Cook neeeeedddssss to go home already. My guy Dave Cook wound up a lil on the arrogant side this week, probably since he got such rave reviews last week. Brooke's "Here Comes the Sun" wasn't as bad as the judges thought, however I didn't care for her reasoning and explaining to the judges. Just stand there and take your meds babe. I'm really over Amanda Overmeyer as well. Try something more subtle. And while I feel David Archiletta could be the next Michael Buble, I find nothing redeeming about him at all. And here's where the teenage gals out there want to trow tomatoes at me, lol. The talent in the competition is waining for me quickly. However, it could also be that my DVR started to zonk out on me half way thru and didn't make watching last night's show the easiest. But what my eyes couldn't see my ears could hear and I wasn't totally impressed.


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