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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Its official! The 3rd Annual WAYV American Idol Challenge is underway! And you can keep up right here at my blog, or thru Paul Kelly and Diane Mitchell's. The 12 finalists took the stage at Hollywood's Kodak Theater for the first time last night. The final 12 is where the Idol Challenge showdown usually begins for Paul Kelly and myself. However, this year we've added an X factor in the form of Diane. We've sequenced our picks for the season beginning with who we believe gets knocked out each week, i.e., I've chosen Kristy Lee Cook to go out in week 12 (tonight), and so on. The person with the LEAST amount of points by the Idol crowning wins (I'm sure Paul has a more specific detailing of the point system on his blog, he's good like that). Paul Kelly is reigning and defending champ two years running. But I've also got some stiff competition in Miss Diane.
Last night's theme saw John Lennon and Paul McCartney Beatles songs released for performance for the first time in the show's history. I have to say I was more impressed than I expected. It wasn't quite as disappointing or ear-bleeding as I was anticipating. Stunners of the night were Carly Smithson's "Come Together" and my pick for Idol David Cook's rendition of "Eleanor Rigby". Low notes came (happily for me) from Kristy Lee Cook and favorite Dave Archiletta who's performance was ripped by Simon. I couldn't help but blush a lil bit at that ribbing since Paul and Diane both have David winning the whole season. So far I'm feeling pretty confident, although with Chickezie going at at week 11 across the board, all three of us are scratching our heads--did we count him out too soon? You'll have to tune in, and check in here to find out! It'll be down to 11 after elimiation tonight--8p.m. on FOX.
TTYL, Heather
P.S. I know Ryan Seacrest has been trying to shed some lbs. but he seemed like he had one too many energy drinks last night, AND I can't stand to hear Paula talk anymore, I just CAN'T STAND IT.


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