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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ramiele Hits The Road

Just have to get this outta the way--YAYYYYYYY!!!
I'm in 1st place in the WAYV AmIDOL Challenge for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! (sorry PK and Di)
Though tears work on me like a charm, I found it hard to be TOO upset that Ramiele Malubay was bumped off Idol last night. I was too busy celebrating that my pic for the pint-sized belter to be sent packing this week panned out. Therefore I neither lose or gain points, but that was not the case for Paul and Diane. I believe I'm only ahead of PK by one notch, but for now thats enough for me. However, Paul did rib the fact that I hadn't marked our scores on the studio scoreboard for the past 2 weeks (my responsibility as creator :-) )--I tend to lose the silver Sharpie needed for this task--but today walked right in and took to marking my week's victory first thing--mere COINCIDENCE, lol.
Ok the show itself last night? BOOOO-ring. I'm not sure I care about Bo Bice anymore and I was overly concerned with wondering if Dolly Parton was going to knock her own lights out if she fell in her 5 inch heels to pay any real attention to her guest appearance. The suprise for me was Brooke White downgraded to this week's BOTTOM 3. While Ramiele's departure served me well I'm still miffed that Kristy Lee Cook has avoided the boot yet again. She's almost mocking the fact that she keeps escaping this fate. Also, I must say I HATE when they make the voted-off contestant sing the show to an end. Most of them are gutwrenched or crying, and while it may be their last chance to get much individual Idol face-time, its just uncomfortable to watch and must feel like torture to them.


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