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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Formula For Success?

I've been lucky enough to score a sneak preview of Mariah Carey's "E=MC2" a full week ahead of its public drop. To say the bar was set high by 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi" is a gross understatement. The disc officially placed MC back at the top of the music industry food chain giving her 3 more #1's and selling nearly 10 million copies worldwide. While the tunes on "E=" would have been a nice added set for "Emancipation" I'm not sure how well they stand on their own as an ALBUM. Yes, "Touch My Body" is a catchy diddy and clearly one we've loved thus far considering it became Mariah's 18th recordbreaking #1 single. However, "E=" could take some warming up to. Its very formulaic in responce to "Emancipation". There are two or three ballads that are very obviously modeled after "We Belong Together". I mean stick with what works right? Many of the new tracks are rap-cameo heavy such is the case with "Migrate" featuring T-Pain to the point of overshadowing MC. Mariah does strect to new territory going a tad reggae on "Cruise Control". And FINALLY after being divorced nearly 10 years already, she gives up the real pain behind her split from head honcho Tommy Mottola. "Side Effects" gives a very raw account of her pain. "Lovin' You Long Time" shows off Mariah's best vocal in years, though "That Chick" would have been better suited for the Glitter soundtrack with its heavy 70's-80's disco vibe. I'm a lil disappointed in what's to be the next single. A song called "Bye Bye". It will probably soar to the chart tops with its "sad you died, miss you forever, 'One Sweet Day'" theme. All in all, "E=MC2" is a fun record, but not as mature or deep as I was hoping for as a Mimi follow-up. It hits stores one week from today.


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