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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Inspirational Idol

Last night's Idol was full of L-O-V-E. Or at least the remaining contestants TRYING to lift us up. It was a night of surprises from the underdogs, and disappointments from the front runners. Leading into tonight's "Idol Gives Back" the theme was inspirational. Michael Johns started off on the right note with Aerosmith's "Dream On", but lost the judges confidence when he strecthed to hit the songs ending high range and fell sharp. Kristy Lee, who is now like the Idol cockroach that can't be killed off, finally got Simon's seal of approval, thought I didn't feel moved in the least by her Martina McBride cover of "Anyway". It just felt contrived. (Am I sounding like Simon yet?). I was pleasantly surprised by Jason Castro with his paired down version of the classic "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". It was a very innovative approach that wowed everyone, and rightly so. The judges, especially Randy, didn't warm up to Syesha taking on the Fantasia tune "I Believe". I must have been tone deaf last night or something becaise I felt she OWNED it and knocked it out of the park. No one really agreed, lol. Carly sounded angry according to Simon, but in my opinion she wasn't angry, she was just struggling to pull off singing Queen, and it was more strained than hateful. Brooke? Who cares? Well I should because I can't have she or Carly booted this soon considering I have them ranked pretty high in the WAYV Idol Challenge. My man Dave Cook let me down last night, I hated the tune he chose, he looked and sounded exhausted. And here's where the tone deaf thing comes back into play--I didn't think David Archiletta's "Angles" was even close to being on the mark, but the judges felt it was brilliant. Overall, I feel we're looking at an all-female bottom 3 tomorrow night. Carly, Syesha and Brooke being my prediction. We get an extra Idol night this week with elimination taking place tomorrow night rather than tonight. This evening more than just your votes are needed. Donations will be needed to benefit many charities across the globe with "Idol Gives Back". We give our dough to the needy and Idol gives us a killer line-up of stars from Mariah to Reese Witherspoon. Even Ryan Seacrest has put his money where his mouth is handing over his whole week's salary to the cause.

TTYL, Heather


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