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Friday, April 11, 2008

Johns Got Jilted

I didn't touch on Idol Gives Back yesterday so let me just say good job America, nearly $67 mill raised for the less fortunate. Highlight of the night was a killer version of "Barracuda" with Heart joined by an obviosuly NOT preggers Fergie. BUT--I have MUCH bigger fish to fry. I could curse here but I'm keeping it PG. Michael Johns gone from Idol? He got, unfairly, booted last night! While this turn of events greatly suits me in jumping yards ahead of Paul and Diane in the WAYV Idol Challenge, I'm about to lose my mind over this. I did predict in a previous blog that Carly and Syesha would bottom out. And while I understand why Mike found himself in that position, I don't feel his, albeit lackluster, rendering of "Dream On" by Aerosmith was bad enough to warrant walking papers this early in the competition. On the AYV Idol board I had Mike going home next week, and I was worried I had grossly underestimated him in doing that. Poor Paul placed him runner-up behind David Archiletta so he drops by 6 points this week, Diane drops by 4. There is some banter here around the station today that Johns' departure may have been Idol bringing the "shock and aw" factor as they've been known to do. I'm not convinced the votes took him down. I mean just his female fan base ALONE should have given him more momentum. But we thought that about Daughtry too. Maybe he'll wind up as successful since now he's got way more free time to himself, lol. Here are the official WAYV American Idol Challenge standings:
Heather--7 points
Paul--13 points
Diane--14 points


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