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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok, so even during, thru, and after the debacle that was "Glitter" I've never hid my favor of Mariah Carey. I could easily be considered one of the world's foremost EXPERTS on Mimi. So one would imagine I would be over the moon of her appearance as mentor on last night's American Idol. However, my jubilation ended with the first contestant song note of the night. I don't really need to rack up all Mariah's accolades here for you to revisit, we already know the 160 million albums, 18 #1's and yadda yadda. Her catalogue of music, nearly all of which she penned herself, is almost unparralled. Therefore my only kudos of the AI performances last night go to Syesha for branching out and taking on a B-track from Mariah's very first disc, a raw song from 1990 called "Vanishing", and to David Cook for pairing down "Always Be My Baby" into a smooth rock ballad. Yes Mariah began her career in music dubbed "the ballad queen" but did tunes like "Make It Happen", "Someday" and "Dreamlover" completely elude the group? I realize that some of the contestants were relatively small at the time of those songs' popularity but come on! David Archilletta chose a tune that was a duet between Mariah and Whitney Houston and used on the "Prince of Egypt" movie soundtrack. The song only peaked at #12 because it was typical and not special. Simon loved it but I thought lil' Davey BUTCHERED it. Carly could be in trouble after once again straining thru her performance--"Without You", a Harry Nilson song covered by MC in 93. I guess the Mariah fan that I am just doesn't consider even HER covers as part of her "catalogue" per say. "Hero" was WAY to big for Brooke who probably would have faired better with something more organic and upbeat. Kristy made my ears bleed with "Forever"--she just didn't have the range to cover it. I do have to give it up to Jason though for remembering "I Don't Wanna Cry", but all in all I wanted more variety. Mariah however looks fantastic and has proven never to count out real superstar talent even in their darkest hour. Tonight before elimination Mariah performs her new single, the fabulous "Bye Bye" which is sure to become a heart-tugger all over radios near you. I believe Carly, Kristy and Brooke are in trouble again this week. Should Carly be sent packing I would lose an INSANE amount of WAYV Am Idol Challenge points, giving a chance for Paul to catch up to or take over my lead.
P.S. BUY E=MC2! Its in stores now, and my initial review may have underestimated this disc considering I'm addicted to it now and have it on constant loop in my car. LOVIN' IT!


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