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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kissin' Kristy Lee Goodbye

Halla-freakin'-lu-a! How long did THIS take? Several weeks TOO long in my opinion. But last night the voting American Idol public got something right in sending away Kristy Lee Cook. I can tolerate mediocirty in many other areas of my life, but I guess I raise a high bar for Idol. A bar Kristy Lee was unfortunately, for me and for her, never able to rise above. She had just barely skated thru the last few Idol weeks on very bottom-barrel performances. Mariah Carey theme night sealed her fate. A poor undertaking of MC's "Forever" came off bland. I had high hopes for Kristy throughout the audition process but as the telecasts have rolled on I've seen nothing special from her. While other contestants are growing and thriving Kristy has wilted into a shrinking violet getting lost among the originality of David Cook and even Carly. I've been waiting for the curtain to fall on Kristy for far too long, lol, but wishes DO come true. We're down to the final 6 and I'm still ahead of Paul and Diane in the WAYV Idol Challenge, but only by a few notches. We all had Kristy long gone before last night, so we all lost a few points, and something tells me with the way things are shaping up lately for both Brooke and Carly, some surprises could be in the near Idol future.


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