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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From the Kodak to Broadway

So Andrew Lloyd Webber theme night on last night's American Idol? Ug,sorry theatre buffs but, I was holding back from vomitting in my own mouth at the thought of having to sit thru a night of some of the cheesiest show tunes in HISTORY. And to make matters worse sit back and wait for the lesser Idol contestant to than butcher said songs. However, in a surprise turn of events, I actually was slightly entertained. Definitely more so than during last week's Mariah Carey mentoring. Clearly even the most average American is aware of Andrew Lloyd, or at the very least has an awareness of Broadway plays he's penned over the years including Cats and his most famous work for Phantom of the Opera. Though I wasn't super familiar with some of the tunes tackled by the remaining 6 contestants last night, I felt everyone but Brooke was able to find their niche. Syesha gave a very strong vocal in a very tight Herve Leger bandage dress that may have left viewers wondering how she was able to muster up enough breath to belt out those notes. Jason was just eh taking on "Memories" from the Cats production, which by the way I'm going on record as saying may be one of the WORST songs in the history of music (add that one to your 40 Worst List Mike and Diane). The judges were split on Jay's effort but I felt it was neither here nor there other than the fact that reactions like that this far into the competition leaves even the most talented contestants vulnerable to elimination. And then there was Brooke. Oh this poor girl last night, jeeze. She began her first attempt at "You Must Love Me" from the Evita soundtrack a lil shaky. Note--I said 'attempt'. She forgot the words or her nerves got the best of her or something and on live TV asked to restart. Humbling as it may be to try again, it was an uncomfortable moment. When she did finally get going with the tune she looked like she was in PAIN. As if she was just about to have or desparately needed an appendectomy. The grimacing facial expressions and fake tears are enough already. In my opinion Brooke has a giant bull's eye on her back after last night's horrrendous performance. David Archiletta is made for Broadway, we didn't need Andrew Lloyd Webber night to prove that. But again, for me, he's too traditional. Carly and David both knocked their stage-time out of the Kodak theater. Carly with a killer "Jesus Christ Superstar" rendition and David finally showing off the softness and tone of his voice in a very straight-on "Music of The Night". He is still the one to beat and I'm sticking to that. Bottom 3 tonight I'm predicting will be Jason, Syesha and Brooke--with Brooke going home. Should that happen I would lose about 4 places in the WAYV Am Idol Challenge against Paul and Diane, which shouldn't hurt my lead too much. But its now down to the nitty gritty and every point counts.
TTYL, Heather


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