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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shocker for Smithson

Woops America. What did ya do? Ya sent home the wrong girl last night? Carly Smithson gave the best attempt at reaching Yvonne Elliman-"Jesus Christ Superstar"-status since the 70's. She BELTED Tuesday night during Andrew Lloyd Webber week on American Idol, yet my pick for this season's runner-up got booted. Brooke White is presently praising the Underworld for selling her soul in return for another week on the Idol stage. An undeserved return. I guess my heartstrings are a little rusty since I can't seem to evoke any sympathy for Brooke forgetting her "Evita" words and needing to start over. How am I supposed to know that she didn't stage her fumble? She's been crying croc tears for weeks, and I'm finding her less and less genuine. Well, whatever her motive or slip-up, clearly it worked. Syesha looked a lil stunned to be standing with Carly in the bottom two, she was right to feel shafted after she too performed well. She probably felt doomed next to Carly. For whatever reason the American public has latched on to Brooke and Jason Castro and is not letting go. In any case we're down to 5 heading into Neil Diamond week, and I'm not too sad for Carly considering early cast-offs like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry have faired better without an "American Idol Winner" stigma. Having, along with Diane, placed Carly at 2 in the WAYV American Idol Challenge (Paul has her at 3) I lose a lil steam this week, but I'm still ahead--for now.


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