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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pitiful Paula

Look, we all make mistakes. I'm not gonna throw stones at glass houses. I've had a tendency in my radio career over the years to flub and get a bit dimwitted. I just have that flouncy, sometimes dense, personality. Much like Paula Abdul. However, I'm aware of it. I don't know how much of this blog today I'll even remember to dedicate to last night's ACTUAL American Idol telecast. I simply may be too disgusted to get that far. So here's the rundown in case you were otherwise occupied. The final 5 were mentored and performed 2 songs each by Neil Diamond. Producers messed with the traditional format of sing-than-critique, instead opting to have evaluation take place after each second song. Running out of time early on, Ryan Seacrest brought the group back out to the stage after the first round to get sped up opinions from the judges. It definitely felt a lil rushed but not so hurried to turn Paula Abdul into a space cadet. When evaluating Jason, Paula told him how she felt about "Forever Blue Jeans", his first tune, and than proceded to go on to critique his second song--the one he had YET to sing. Round 2 had not even taken place yet. This oversight left the contestants and Seacrest puzzled but sent the audience into hysterics prompting Paula to shout "What?! Come on you guys this is hard.", stating that she had to write too fast this time. Which means she actually may have jotted down on paper her opinion about the second performances and it wasn't just a slip of the tongue. "THIS IS HARD"??!!! Are you KIDDING ME??? Abdul's sole job in life these days is to listen to someone sing, and than give her opinion. She is not required to even say anything particulary poignant or relevant. Just give an OPINION, thumbs up or thumbs down, and get paid MILLIONS of dollars. I wanted to throw my shoe at the TV. Can they please find some other washed-up has-been to be this dumb? Really how much worse can it get finding someone else to NOT pay attention. I'm sure its all over YouTube by now for your viewing pleasure. Ok now I can get on with the show. I don't know many Neil Diamond tunes, just the super popular stuff, but it didn't take me long to realize that even among the lesser known material, David Cook can shine singing ANYTHING. I hated Archiletta's "Sweet Caroline". It couldn't have been further from "the bomb". Too karaoke to take seriously. Jason was awesome in my opinion. Neither here nor there about Syesha, she's just kinda THERE. But Brooke needs to go tonight. Serious injustice if she gets to stay another week.


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