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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I, like many other Eagles fans, took to a fave watering hole Monday night to catch our football team take on Carolina in prime time. Monday Night Football is ALWAYS exciting when your home team takes the turf, but Eagles fans were less than enthusiastic to see Jeff Garcia with ball in hand. I was appalled to hear Philly fans at the Linc Monday night boo-ing Garcia whether he completed a pass or not. I would think its hard enough to be a veteran QB taking a backseat to Donovan McNabb--it must have been grueling to take that field without an OUNCE of support from the fans. Yes, he is not our TEAM LEADER, yes the Panthers were going to put up a fight, and yes even I was hoping to see AJ Feely on the field in Garcia's place, but I trust Andy Reid. And if Andy has enough confidence in Jeff than we should too. McNabb is becoming the new Steve McNair of football with season after season of injuries plaguing his career. He won't be back this year so Garcia is the leader for the foreseeable future, and he should be embraced by Philly fans. Eagles lovers should keep in mind that even though Jeff may not have been starting line-up, he is a 3-time pro-bowl quarterback. And he DID get us a win in a game against Carolina no one thought we had a prayer of winning. Convinced yet?

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