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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

3 Reasons to see Christina Aguilera LIVE!

Christina Aguilera is coming to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on March 31st. For me this is the most highly anticipated concert tour of upcoming 2007 for 2 reasons: 1., because the last time Xtina toured with Justin Timblerlake for Justified and Stripped their AC show at the Hall was abruptly cancelled due to a freak lighting collapse incident. Thus my VERY good seats were unusable and the show was never rescheduled, and 2., because Back to Basics (Aguilera's latest disc) is THE BEST body of work to come along in five years.

Three years ago I was hugely attached to the songs on Christina's Stripped CD. I wore it out until it had scratches and could be played no more. In 2002 I believed that release all but broke Christina away from the bubble gum pop movement she was grouped into in the late 90's. I obviously was compelled to see the live stage show to support Stripped because I was chomping at the bit to see the set's songs in a live arena. No such luck. I missed the Philly show the night before since I had tickets the next night to Boardwalk Hall and although Xtina threw in an extra American leg of the Stripped tour, that TOO was cancelled when the songstress suffered vocal problems and was ordered bedridden by her doctor. I was a bit bitter but I moved on. I just didn't think the material could get better than Stripped. I was wrong.

And here I insert my first reason for why YOU need to see Xtina live and in person.

#1--Back to Basics is Christina's most ambitious and creative collection of material yet. Gone is the angst-ridden, chap-wearing, black hair-dying, sexy in-your-face Christina of days past. Her image and music have been rounded and softened, not by her endless brigade of handlers, but by Xtina herself. Somewhere between Stripped and Basics Christina was kidnapped and turned from brash party girl to demure starlet circa 1930. But although she may look more shy than in times past, the music is anything but. The vocals and lyrics on the double-disc Basics are as powerful as anything, and don't sound like anything else out there right now. Its big band, retro, jazz, AND pop all with a twist you've never heard before. Tunes like singles "Ain't No Other Man" and "Hurt" touch the tip of the iceburg of just HOW good Back to Basics is. Pick it up and leave songs like the homage-paying "Back in the Day" and Andrews Sisters-inspired, racy "Candyman" on replay and you'll see what I mean.

#2--I was lucky enough to see Christina live ONCE at the Tweeter Center during her first headline tour in 1999. And what I can tell you is her stage show does not disappoint. Yes this girl can siiiiiing. You know that. But she PERFORMS just as convincingly as Madonna, Janet, or even Britney. And although those artists have singing ability, they do not possess the singing GIFT. So what I am saying is that while engaged in full-on choreography Christina does not need a headset or backing tracks--she hit EVERY note EVERY single time.

And finally, #3--Back to Basics has many instances of a circus theme, so I would imagine Aguilera works some sort of carnival atmosphere into her new tour as she has done in the video for "Hurt". Can you imagine Barnum and Bailey's with REALLY good music?

Tickets for Christina at Boardwalk Hall are not on sale yet, so keep it to WAYV and we will update you when they are! Convinced yet? Hope so.

TTYL, Heather

Thursday, October 19, 2006


She's conquered Food Network (with 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, and Tasty Travels), bookstores, and syndicated television--and NOW fianlly Rachael Ray has finally found time in her busy schedule to visit America's Favorite Playground. In case you haven't seen the HUGE billboard over the Black Horse Pike, Rachael is entertaining at Caesar's in AC on Novenmber 12th, and she's doing not ONE but TWO question and answer forums!

Please revisit one of my previous blogs to uncover my fascination with Rachael. She's the genius that got me off the couch and into the kitchen, not to mention glued to my TV everyday for hope of catching one of her countless shows. Even though I had broken up with Rach after a recent episode of $40 because I was saddened that she picked out 5 live crabs and sat idley by while they were sent to a boiling, watery grave, I still feel the need to indulge. How can I risk not seeing her say "EVOO extra virgin olive oil" in person?

Yes she has become a BIT overexposed lately with her new Martha Stewart-like talk show, magazine covers, book covers and the like. But I think she's worth spending a Sunday afternoon with. Tickets are on sale now. See ya there!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

LOTS to say about NICK LACHEY

Uninspired. That's sort of been my position as of late on blogging. What to rant, complain, or boast about? Sunday night at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa I found EXACTLY what I needed to pull me out of my blogging rut--NICK LACHEY.

WAYV presents Nick Lachey was another sold out concert event for us. As luck would have it I got the priveledged task of escorting 10 WAYV listeners backstage to stand face to face with the ex-Mr. Jessica Simpson. Not bad work if ya can get it. :-P

Along with the WAYV backstage contest winners were a gaggle of Nick fan club members panting in anticipation of Nick's arrival. When they finally got their wish I felt the need to hold my ears. You would have thought Elvis entered the building, lol. Bloodcurdling screams filled the air. One by one we stood in line to have Nick sign a dashing 8x10 of him looking ever-so-rugged in an old beat-up pick-up truck. Worth the wait? Every minute of it.

The no-airbrushing necessary Nick did not disappoint. Now, I'm not really one to go on looks alone when it comes to celebrities, I'm more into the talent aspect of the industry but holy cow this boy hit the all-American good looks jackpot. I've met some celebs who look NOTHING in person like they do on doctored magazine covers and in extremely flatteringly-lighted music videos. I didn't think it was possible but Nick Lachey is every bit as handsome up close as you've seen on TV. It was almost, ok it WAS definitely distracting. Round about 5'10, just buff enough, and with killer eyes. Mega watt smile? Check. Impressed? DUH! All I could really think was "how could Jessica have given THAT up?". Whatever they're misfortune I was standing there and well, at that given moment she wasn't. He he he.

Now that I've all but drowned you in vocabulary about Nick's rockin' aesthetics, I have to reveal that he is one of the nicest, most down to earth members of the fame game I've come in contact with. We chatted briefly about football and I extended well-wishes that his career continues to fall into place as it has this last year. And there ya have it. After a backstage encounter and on-stage opportunity to have Nick drop to his knees in front of me while belting out a Led Zep tune, Mr. Lachey was more than enough to end my blogging drought!

TTYL, Heather DeLuca