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Friday, December 30, 2005

Movies and Music: The Year in Review

Well, its been quite a busy week leading into the New Year's Weekend. Its Friday night and I am combing my closet trying to come up with SOMETHING to wear to the WAYV Big 80's New Years Eve Bash tomorrow night at Trump Marina. Of course I am like every other woman--I simply have NOTHING to wear.

Frustrated attempting to concoct my party ensemble, and since I am listening to The Emancipation of Mimi (one of my favorite CD's of the year), I decided to take a break and give you a rundown of my personal list of the best albums of 2005.

5. Something To Be--Rob Thomas's effort to make a name for himself away from his band Matchbox 20 paid off a million times over--literally. His first solo effort went to number one its first week and has since gone platinum. The tunes are INFECTIOUS and Rob's image has gotten hotter than ever. Tunes like "Lonely No More" and "When The Heartache Ends" are as uncharacteristic for Rob as his new haircut--but it works. Rob will be back in the studio with 20 in January but I say give me more ROB and just ROB.

4. Fireflies--Faith Hill was widely criticized in 2002 for her album CRY, my personal favorite in her catalog. Cry's R&B edge put off her country fans and was a a commercial flop--and no one noticed more than Faith. On her 05 release FIREFLIES Faith runs right back to her country roots with tunes like "Mississippi Girl" as if she has something to prove to her critics and her fans. However, this is not the country Faith we were introduced to in 1993--this Faith is all grown up and it shows most on the headstrong "I Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore" and the haunting anthem "Paris".

3. Breakaway--I hate to admit this but when I was first given an advanced copy of the latest Kelly Clarkson CD, I was convinced it wouldn't merit more hits than just the title track. I COULDN'T have been more wrong could I? It took awhile for me to warm up to "Since You've Been Gone" but once "Behind These Hazel Eyes" hit the AYV airwaves I was forced to take a second listen. This time I heard what millions of Kelly fans had already figured out. Kelly has broken the American Idol mold and has easily created 4 of the most memorable singles of the year. Something tells me her new song "Walk Away" will take her well into 2006 too.

2. Late Registration--Kanye West is not your typical rapper. He is a socially conscious, politically aware lyricist who just HAPPENS to rap. Add in the fact that he is one of the most coveted music producers in the industry and you find yourself just HAVING to find out what all the fuss is about. Kanye's 05 chart-dominator "Golddigger" was too brilliant to get off your radio or out of your head. Throw Jamie Foxx onto the track and you've got, well--Gold. Late Registration does what few CD's can do. It smashes the sophomore jinx moving leaps and bounds beyong Kanye's Grammy-winning debut College Dropout. I can't recommend this CD enough if you are looking to broaden your collection.

1. The Emancipation of Mimi--I was lucky enough to be in New York City with Mariah Carey for the launch of MIMI. A 15-year Mariah fan, even I couldn't forecast that THIS would be the album that would return her to platinum and critical status. On my first listen of Mimi I got CHILLS because it was the first album since her 1990 debut that I loved all the way through right away. I knew it was something special, but after the "Glitter" debacle I didn't think anyone else would give it a chance. Something clicked with the first single "It's Like That" enough to give Mariah the momentum she needed to release its follow-up "We Belong Together". Music journalists labeled this tune "The Retutn of The Voice". The tune stayed at #1 on the Billboard charts for almost 3 months and helped to gain Mariah a new fan-base and 8 Grammy nominations. 5 million copies-sold can't be wrong.

Don't forget to listen to Ryan Seacrest Sunday night at 8pm on WAYV as he counts down the Top 40 songs of 2005. Talk to you next year! Happy new year! Heather

Sunday, December 25, 2005

That's A Wrap

Merry Christmas all! Hope its been a fun-filled 48 hours for you and your family but it's all over for '05. That means another 364 days have to pass before we get another 24 hours of A Christmas Story, and that makes me sad. It was such an INSANELY hectic day that I didn't even get to see my favorite Christmas movie once from beginning to end.

I'll set the scene for you--5, count them, 5 little girls all under the age of 9 invading my once childhood home. Some of the 5 are ANGELS. The others? Not so much. The first of the 5 princesses arrived shortly after noon and away it went. Just as I am getting my front row seat to the first round of gift-opening, my best friend Nicole and her significant other Sal popped by and so commensed the consuming of the spirits. Jellybeans my father called them. I called them SHOTS FROM HELL. Blackberry Brandy and Anisette may as well have been BATTERY ACID. So I switched to mimosas. I LOVE champagne and at least I can claim the orange juice is giving me my daily dose of Vitamin C.

Just as one guest is leaving THE OTHERS arrive. My cousin is mother to 4 little girls. That meant the living room turned into FAO Schwartz. Toy after toy after toy. Wrapping paper and bows flying. All that work out the window! Running from one blonde lovely to the next in a round-robin of frenzied gift-giving. Boy was Santa good to them!

Enter Theresa, my other gal-pal partner-in-crime. So yep, you guessed it--more champagne. About 4 stuffed shells, 2 canolis, and countless pieces of pepperoni I was spent! Family time wears me out, but I LOVE IT and really wouldn't have it any other way--because I have never known it any other way.

Santa's sure been good to me as well. Fave gift? A baby-blue velour Shabby Chic blanket. Something to keep me warm this winter and hold me over until next year's festivities. And so closes Christmas 2005. Next up? Ringing in the new year retro-style at the WAYV Big 80's New Years Eve Bash at Trump Marina! Taylor Dayne, Morris Day and the Time, and WAYV (by the way tickets ARE still available through 951WAYV.com if you'd like to add yourself to the party)!

Merry Christmas to all and to ALL a good night!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Hey there, I have returned. I've been a bit pre-occupied and fried thanks to the stress of the holiday season. Fa-la-la-la-la! Ready for Christmas? NO? Still have shopping, baking, wrapping, trimming, cooking, and driving to do? EXACTLY! So you can imagine my surprise (the kind that literally stops you in your tracks) when I rolled into Target the other day and the first thing in my sightline was the SWIMSUIT DISPLAY! And, no, not the 75% off clearance rack of skivvies leftover from the summer of '05, but the real things brand new and fully priced. WHY????

It's not that I don't look FORWARD to summertime, I am a beach bunny like any other South Jersey girl. But I am not ready (4 days before Christmas) to even fathom the prospect of shopping for a swimsuit. I consider myself quite obsessed with fashion and I do like to keep up on upcoming trend forecasts, but we only officially reach winter tomorrow. Retail stores BARELY give you time to enjoy the pending holidays before they usher the next one in. Before you know it Halloween, Valentine, and Christmas decorations will be available in every department and discount store year round. The world is a in-a-hurry place as it is so I am putting down my foot! This is my declaration:






That's all I have to say about that.

xoxo, HD.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

'Tis Better To Give...

So much giving going on this week on WAYV. The WAYV Christmas Song of The Day is STILL going strong, and you have MANY more chances this week to win Disney on Ice tickets and POSSIBLY that fabulous $595 Hamilton Mall Gift Card.
(P.S.--Mike and Diane reveal the next song of the day at 6:10, 7:10, AND 8:10 tomorrow morning to give you an extra advantage!)

As fantastic as it is to receive wonderful gifts during the holidays, I find its more rewarding to give. And we're giving you the chance to give back to needy families in South Jersey with the WAYV Kids Coat Drive. Its taking place this coming Sunday between the hours of 10a-5p at the Walmart in Mays Landing. Come on, lets face it--you KNOW you and your kids have some unwanted outerwear stuffed in the back of your closets just collecting dust so why not put coats you've outgrown to good use? Its like giving them a second life and getting more out of the money you paid when they were bought.

Its a REALLY GREAT way to make some space in your closets and help a good cause at the same time. Getting the kids involved will be fun and productive for them too.

I am well aware that we are all short on free time with all these holiday obligations, but helping to shelter a child from the cold will only take a moment. So I EMPLORE you to please take some time to join the AYV Party Crew Sunday at Walmart. You most likely will be making a trip anyway for last minute gifts, scotch tape, wrapping paper and all the gift trimmings (or if you're a guy you'll JUST be starting your holiday shopping :-P).

Give yourself 5 minutes to search out your unwanted jackets and give back to the community this holiday! Hope to see you Sunday between 10a-5p for the WAYV Kids Coat Drive at Walmart in Mays Landing!

Happy Holidays! TTYL, Heather P.S.--feel free to throw in any unwanted hats, gloves, and scarves as well!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

3 Cheers for Capote

Ok, so about 3 days ago I said I would be back to fill you in on an EXTRAORDINARY film I forbid you to miss. In the back of this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine horror-genre writer Stephen King named his Top 10 films of the year. Very close to the top of his list is CAPOTE, and I couldn't agree more.

Truman Capote was one of the most beloved, controversial, and flamboyant American writers of the 20th century. Capote is well known for his book "Breakfast at Tiffanys" which was later made into the classic movie starring Audrey Hepburn. During the late 70's and up until his death from alcoholism in 1981, Truman Capote was a staple at the famed New York City club Studio 54 and a cohort of fellow artist Andy Warhol.

In the mid 1960's Capote, accompanied by "To Kill A Mockingbird" author Harper Lee, travelled to rural Kansas to investigate and research the murder of a family of four at their farm. During his attempt to obtain the gruesome details of the slayings, Capote befriends the 2 suspects accused (and later convicted) of the murders. Visiting one of the two convicts (now sitting on death row for the killings) on a frequent basis, Truman becomes conflicted and tortured by his own trickery needed to get the full story of what happened to the Clutter family to complete the final chapter of what would become his best-selling novel "In Cold Blood". Once his mission and his novel are complete, Capote cycles into a deep, alcohol-induced depression and never again finishes a novel.

Truman Capote is BRILLIANTLY portrayed by Philip Seymour Hoffman (Twister, Boogie Nights, Talented Mr. Ripley) in his most convincing and moving performance yet. An Academy Award nomination, and possible win, should not be far behind. If you can allow yourself to get past Hoffman's voice (which is whiney to say the least in true Capote fashion) and get lost in true story behind Capote's incredible novel, you will find one of the most captiviating films of the year. CAPOTE is in limited release as it is an independent feature film, but the leg-work it will take in finding a theater where its being shown is well worth the payoff. TWO (of my very own) ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP FOR CAPOTE!!!!!

TTYL! Heather

Saturday, December 10, 2005

We need a Holiday

Well, its Saturday on another Big 80's weekend on WAYV, and I'm sitting around this afternoon watching a Big 80's movie--Back to the Future. 1.21 jigwatts!

Another WAYV holiday party is on the books and it was a blast as usual. Its always fun to trade in my jeans and boots for a sparkly dress. However, I could probably have done without my impromtu karaoke rendition of "Paradise By The Dashboard Light". Suddenly the dance floor of Angelo's Fairmount Tavern was turned into a Broadway stage Meatloaf style complete with myself and Jim from our sales staff belting out the classic tune with our very own microphones. WOW! Someone does need to remind me that I'm NOT a very good singer!

Anyway, its a great time for the WAYV air staff to kick back and chat about something other than contests and celeb gossip. At Equity Communications we all really know how to have a suare and enjoy EVERY LAST MINUTE OF IT!

So today I'm recovering from a very late night. And later when I finally muster up an ounce of energy I'll attempt to remove the remnants of the mascara still clustered and smeared under my eyes. Makeup removal TRUELY is the worst part of the whole getting dolled-up for a night out thing.

In an hour or two I'll pick up the pictures from last nights shindig so I can see if there's anything on camera I missed in person. At the very least I have another interesting chapter for my diary and another cocktail dress desperately needing a trip to the cleaners thanks to my overdose of canolis and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Later when I have all my witts about me and I'm COMPLETELY lucid I will explain why EVERYONE needs to see a movie called CAPOTE starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. TTYL! Heather

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


It's FINALLY here! The most magical TV time of the year--Charlie Brown Xmas is on ABC tonight. It's the 40th anniversary and I myself will be watching it for the 30th time. It is a holiday tradition NOT TO BE MISSED. Cancel Fear Factor and the repeat of America's Next Top Model. Below are reasons why you should bow down to the BROWN either with friends, little ones, or allllll allllonnnee:

  • The "Aluminum Christmas Tree" theory as stated by Lucy Van Pelt (preferably a shiny pink one)
  • Shroeder bringing down the house on his piano (is he not the hottest cartoon character EVER?)
  • "Charlie Brown that is the most pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree I have ever seen. Now the Christmas pageant is ruined! RUINED!"
  • Sally Brown's letter to Santa inquiring about his summer and advising him if all else fails send $$$
  • "Every year I get the same thing. I never get what I really want. I always get toys or clothes or money. I never get what I really want." "What is it that you really want Lucy?" "Real Estate."
  • Linus waxing philosophical on the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Charlie Brown losing complete control of his ensemble while attempting to direct the Christmas pageant.

ENJOY boys and girls! Till next time. TTYL. Heather

Monday, December 05, 2005


AAH, there's something about the first snow fall of the season that is inconvenient and magical all at once. Its really just an excuse to blow off 45 minutes on the treadmill in exchange for a hot lavender bath and some delectable hot chocolate (not to mention maybe JUST A BIT of reality TV--hello Nanny 911)!

Somehow, though, the bath and warm drink got put off for, surprise surprise, SHOPPING. This time for a MUCH NEEDED snow/ice scraper and a new blow dryer since I nearly pulled a Michael Jackson on the set of a Pepsi commerical trying to dry my hair this morning.

Returning to the couch and the boob tube I opted for a repeat of Law and Order (those shows NEVER get old) since Wife Swap was BORRRRINGGG! Not so much said about Nanny 911. Sometimes I don't know who is worse the parents or the children. However listening to twin 3 year olds curse at their mother is a way less aggravating headache then watching the Philadelphia Eagles try to pull off a win against the 1st place Seattle Seahawks, plus I already felt tears coming on when they retired Reggie White's jersee. My blood runs green but a life without Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb is no life at all.

So in just a few minutes I will check the snow accumulation on the hood of my car to help figure out how much of my morning routine will get occupied by scraping and de-icing, then I will pop on MTV for the brand new season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge The Gauntlet. Hey its no Laguna Beach or Making the Band 3 but, again, better than the Eagles. Nighty night my snow bunnies and happy shovelling! HD

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Night Slump

Well Hello all! Its Heather and its Sunday night. I've been sitting here watching football for about 30 hours so I figured I would check out this "blogging" phenomenon in between my obsessive sessions of an online game called "BEDAZZLED" (to which I am HIGHLY addicted, its a problem). So I will be honest and show my age all at once by saying I actually just found out a few days ago what this blogging thing is all about. Everyone would ask if I "blog" and I would politely say yes and try to figure out what they were talking about. "Blogging". Kind of an online diary for all the world to see right? A bit voyeristic if you ask me but in this age of the information superhighway who am I to shun technology.

So here I am--my first blog. It'll have to be about my weekend I suppose. Well, tis the season so the weekend commensed in much shopping! So much for my deadline of Black Friday. Boys are SO HARD to shop for. If you are a woman reading this then you can sympathize. If you are a man, HELP A GIRL OUT WILL YA??!!! LOL. A shoulder shrug and uninterested "I don't know" isn't the response we're looking for when we ask what tops your gift list this year.

SUNDAY NIGHT--just a reminder that the weekend has yet again flown by too fast. Its just a day racing to get last minute laundry finished for the work week, take out food, and trying to get my boyfriend to knock off the Fantasy Football nonsense for 5 minutes. LOL. "Manic Monday"? No, "Manic Sunday" for me. I will go to bed tonight remembering that I forgot to plan my lunch for tomorrow and figure out an ensemble ahead of time so I don't run out of the house in my slippers again. I'll admit thats happened more than once.

I should probably include something fun in this maiden blog of mine. So I will toss out a few things that are entertaining me as of late (complete with a 1-4 star rating system):

Book: Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell
*** so far (got about 30 pages to go), but Candace is the mastermind behind Sex and The City, plus NBC is turning it into a TV show for next fall

Movie: The Polar Express directed by Robert Zmeckis
**** enthusiastically! Whether its IMAX or in the comfort of your own home its a must for the holiday season. My fave is the "Hot Chocolate Song"

CD: Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey
****Its been re-released with 2 new songs and a DVD of corresponding videos (some animated). Yes Mariah is certifiable since her breakdown but the gal was still making great tunes in 1994.

TV: Grey's Anatomy (Sundays ABC)
**** Hands down THE BEST SHOW ON TV right now. Great writing, great acting--funny, sad, dramatic and original. Two reasons to watch? Patrick Dempsey DUH!

Thats the blog! Enjoy! Till we meet again, TTYL