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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pitiful Paula

Look, we all make mistakes. I'm not gonna throw stones at glass houses. I've had a tendency in my radio career over the years to flub and get a bit dimwitted. I just have that flouncy, sometimes dense, personality. Much like Paula Abdul. However, I'm aware of it. I don't know how much of this blog today I'll even remember to dedicate to last night's ACTUAL American Idol telecast. I simply may be too disgusted to get that far. So here's the rundown in case you were otherwise occupied. The final 5 were mentored and performed 2 songs each by Neil Diamond. Producers messed with the traditional format of sing-than-critique, instead opting to have evaluation take place after each second song. Running out of time early on, Ryan Seacrest brought the group back out to the stage after the first round to get sped up opinions from the judges. It definitely felt a lil rushed but not so hurried to turn Paula Abdul into a space cadet. When evaluating Jason, Paula told him how she felt about "Forever Blue Jeans", his first tune, and than proceded to go on to critique his second song--the one he had YET to sing. Round 2 had not even taken place yet. This oversight left the contestants and Seacrest puzzled but sent the audience into hysterics prompting Paula to shout "What?! Come on you guys this is hard.", stating that she had to write too fast this time. Which means she actually may have jotted down on paper her opinion about the second performances and it wasn't just a slip of the tongue. "THIS IS HARD"??!!! Are you KIDDING ME??? Abdul's sole job in life these days is to listen to someone sing, and than give her opinion. She is not required to even say anything particulary poignant or relevant. Just give an OPINION, thumbs up or thumbs down, and get paid MILLIONS of dollars. I wanted to throw my shoe at the TV. Can they please find some other washed-up has-been to be this dumb? Really how much worse can it get finding someone else to NOT pay attention. I'm sure its all over YouTube by now for your viewing pleasure. Ok now I can get on with the show. I don't know many Neil Diamond tunes, just the super popular stuff, but it didn't take me long to realize that even among the lesser known material, David Cook can shine singing ANYTHING. I hated Archiletta's "Sweet Caroline". It couldn't have been further from "the bomb". Too karaoke to take seriously. Jason was awesome in my opinion. Neither here nor there about Syesha, she's just kinda THERE. But Brooke needs to go tonight. Serious injustice if she gets to stay another week.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shocker for Smithson

Woops America. What did ya do? Ya sent home the wrong girl last night? Carly Smithson gave the best attempt at reaching Yvonne Elliman-"Jesus Christ Superstar"-status since the 70's. She BELTED Tuesday night during Andrew Lloyd Webber week on American Idol, yet my pick for this season's runner-up got booted. Brooke White is presently praising the Underworld for selling her soul in return for another week on the Idol stage. An undeserved return. I guess my heartstrings are a little rusty since I can't seem to evoke any sympathy for Brooke forgetting her "Evita" words and needing to start over. How am I supposed to know that she didn't stage her fumble? She's been crying croc tears for weeks, and I'm finding her less and less genuine. Well, whatever her motive or slip-up, clearly it worked. Syesha looked a lil stunned to be standing with Carly in the bottom two, she was right to feel shafted after she too performed well. She probably felt doomed next to Carly. For whatever reason the American public has latched on to Brooke and Jason Castro and is not letting go. In any case we're down to 5 heading into Neil Diamond week, and I'm not too sad for Carly considering early cast-offs like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry have faired better without an "American Idol Winner" stigma. Having, along with Diane, placed Carly at 2 in the WAYV American Idol Challenge (Paul has her at 3) I lose a lil steam this week, but I'm still ahead--for now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From the Kodak to Broadway

So Andrew Lloyd Webber theme night on last night's American Idol? Ug,sorry theatre buffs but, I was holding back from vomitting in my own mouth at the thought of having to sit thru a night of some of the cheesiest show tunes in HISTORY. And to make matters worse sit back and wait for the lesser Idol contestant to than butcher said songs. However, in a surprise turn of events, I actually was slightly entertained. Definitely more so than during last week's Mariah Carey mentoring. Clearly even the most average American is aware of Andrew Lloyd, or at the very least has an awareness of Broadway plays he's penned over the years including Cats and his most famous work for Phantom of the Opera. Though I wasn't super familiar with some of the tunes tackled by the remaining 6 contestants last night, I felt everyone but Brooke was able to find their niche. Syesha gave a very strong vocal in a very tight Herve Leger bandage dress that may have left viewers wondering how she was able to muster up enough breath to belt out those notes. Jason was just eh taking on "Memories" from the Cats production, which by the way I'm going on record as saying may be one of the WORST songs in the history of music (add that one to your 40 Worst List Mike and Diane). The judges were split on Jay's effort but I felt it was neither here nor there other than the fact that reactions like that this far into the competition leaves even the most talented contestants vulnerable to elimination. And then there was Brooke. Oh this poor girl last night, jeeze. She began her first attempt at "You Must Love Me" from the Evita soundtrack a lil shaky. Note--I said 'attempt'. She forgot the words or her nerves got the best of her or something and on live TV asked to restart. Humbling as it may be to try again, it was an uncomfortable moment. When she did finally get going with the tune she looked like she was in PAIN. As if she was just about to have or desparately needed an appendectomy. The grimacing facial expressions and fake tears are enough already. In my opinion Brooke has a giant bull's eye on her back after last night's horrrendous performance. David Archiletta is made for Broadway, we didn't need Andrew Lloyd Webber night to prove that. But again, for me, he's too traditional. Carly and David both knocked their stage-time out of the Kodak theater. Carly with a killer "Jesus Christ Superstar" rendition and David finally showing off the softness and tone of his voice in a very straight-on "Music of The Night". He is still the one to beat and I'm sticking to that. Bottom 3 tonight I'm predicting will be Jason, Syesha and Brooke--with Brooke going home. Should that happen I would lose about 4 places in the WAYV Am Idol Challenge against Paul and Diane, which shouldn't hurt my lead too much. But its now down to the nitty gritty and every point counts.
TTYL, Heather

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kissin' Kristy Lee Goodbye

Halla-freakin'-lu-a! How long did THIS take? Several weeks TOO long in my opinion. But last night the voting American Idol public got something right in sending away Kristy Lee Cook. I can tolerate mediocirty in many other areas of my life, but I guess I raise a high bar for Idol. A bar Kristy Lee was unfortunately, for me and for her, never able to rise above. She had just barely skated thru the last few Idol weeks on very bottom-barrel performances. Mariah Carey theme night sealed her fate. A poor undertaking of MC's "Forever" came off bland. I had high hopes for Kristy throughout the audition process but as the telecasts have rolled on I've seen nothing special from her. While other contestants are growing and thriving Kristy has wilted into a shrinking violet getting lost among the originality of David Cook and even Carly. I've been waiting for the curtain to fall on Kristy for far too long, lol, but wishes DO come true. We're down to the final 6 and I'm still ahead of Paul and Diane in the WAYV Idol Challenge, but only by a few notches. We all had Kristy long gone before last night, so we all lost a few points, and something tells me with the way things are shaping up lately for both Brooke and Carly, some surprises could be in the near Idol future.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok, so even during, thru, and after the debacle that was "Glitter" I've never hid my favor of Mariah Carey. I could easily be considered one of the world's foremost EXPERTS on Mimi. So one would imagine I would be over the moon of her appearance as mentor on last night's American Idol. However, my jubilation ended with the first contestant song note of the night. I don't really need to rack up all Mariah's accolades here for you to revisit, we already know the 160 million albums, 18 #1's and yadda yadda. Her catalogue of music, nearly all of which she penned herself, is almost unparralled. Therefore my only kudos of the AI performances last night go to Syesha for branching out and taking on a B-track from Mariah's very first disc, a raw song from 1990 called "Vanishing", and to David Cook for pairing down "Always Be My Baby" into a smooth rock ballad. Yes Mariah began her career in music dubbed "the ballad queen" but did tunes like "Make It Happen", "Someday" and "Dreamlover" completely elude the group? I realize that some of the contestants were relatively small at the time of those songs' popularity but come on! David Archilletta chose a tune that was a duet between Mariah and Whitney Houston and used on the "Prince of Egypt" movie soundtrack. The song only peaked at #12 because it was typical and not special. Simon loved it but I thought lil' Davey BUTCHERED it. Carly could be in trouble after once again straining thru her performance--"Without You", a Harry Nilson song covered by MC in 93. I guess the Mariah fan that I am just doesn't consider even HER covers as part of her "catalogue" per say. "Hero" was WAY to big for Brooke who probably would have faired better with something more organic and upbeat. Kristy made my ears bleed with "Forever"--she just didn't have the range to cover it. I do have to give it up to Jason though for remembering "I Don't Wanna Cry", but all in all I wanted more variety. Mariah however looks fantastic and has proven never to count out real superstar talent even in their darkest hour. Tonight before elimination Mariah performs her new single, the fabulous "Bye Bye" which is sure to become a heart-tugger all over radios near you. I believe Carly, Kristy and Brooke are in trouble again this week. Should Carly be sent packing I would lose an INSANE amount of WAYV Am Idol Challenge points, giving a chance for Paul to catch up to or take over my lead.
P.S. BUY E=MC2! Its in stores now, and my initial review may have underestimated this disc considering I'm addicted to it now and have it on constant loop in my car. LOVIN' IT!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Johns Got Jilted

I didn't touch on Idol Gives Back yesterday so let me just say good job America, nearly $67 mill raised for the less fortunate. Highlight of the night was a killer version of "Barracuda" with Heart joined by an obviosuly NOT preggers Fergie. BUT--I have MUCH bigger fish to fry. I could curse here but I'm keeping it PG. Michael Johns gone from Idol? He got, unfairly, booted last night! While this turn of events greatly suits me in jumping yards ahead of Paul and Diane in the WAYV Idol Challenge, I'm about to lose my mind over this. I did predict in a previous blog that Carly and Syesha would bottom out. And while I understand why Mike found himself in that position, I don't feel his, albeit lackluster, rendering of "Dream On" by Aerosmith was bad enough to warrant walking papers this early in the competition. On the AYV Idol board I had Mike going home next week, and I was worried I had grossly underestimated him in doing that. Poor Paul placed him runner-up behind David Archiletta so he drops by 6 points this week, Diane drops by 4. There is some banter here around the station today that Johns' departure may have been Idol bringing the "shock and aw" factor as they've been known to do. I'm not convinced the votes took him down. I mean just his female fan base ALONE should have given him more momentum. But we thought that about Daughtry too. Maybe he'll wind up as successful since now he's got way more free time to himself, lol. Here are the official WAYV American Idol Challenge standings:
Heather--7 points
Paul--13 points
Diane--14 points

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Inspirational Idol

Last night's Idol was full of L-O-V-E. Or at least the remaining contestants TRYING to lift us up. It was a night of surprises from the underdogs, and disappointments from the front runners. Leading into tonight's "Idol Gives Back" the theme was inspirational. Michael Johns started off on the right note with Aerosmith's "Dream On", but lost the judges confidence when he strecthed to hit the songs ending high range and fell sharp. Kristy Lee, who is now like the Idol cockroach that can't be killed off, finally got Simon's seal of approval, thought I didn't feel moved in the least by her Martina McBride cover of "Anyway". It just felt contrived. (Am I sounding like Simon yet?). I was pleasantly surprised by Jason Castro with his paired down version of the classic "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". It was a very innovative approach that wowed everyone, and rightly so. The judges, especially Randy, didn't warm up to Syesha taking on the Fantasia tune "I Believe". I must have been tone deaf last night or something becaise I felt she OWNED it and knocked it out of the park. No one really agreed, lol. Carly sounded angry according to Simon, but in my opinion she wasn't angry, she was just struggling to pull off singing Queen, and it was more strained than hateful. Brooke? Who cares? Well I should because I can't have she or Carly booted this soon considering I have them ranked pretty high in the WAYV Idol Challenge. My man Dave Cook let me down last night, I hated the tune he chose, he looked and sounded exhausted. And here's where the tone deaf thing comes back into play--I didn't think David Archiletta's "Angles" was even close to being on the mark, but the judges felt it was brilliant. Overall, I feel we're looking at an all-female bottom 3 tomorrow night. Carly, Syesha and Brooke being my prediction. We get an extra Idol night this week with elimination taking place tomorrow night rather than tonight. This evening more than just your votes are needed. Donations will be needed to benefit many charities across the globe with "Idol Gives Back". We give our dough to the needy and Idol gives us a killer line-up of stars from Mariah to Reese Witherspoon. Even Ryan Seacrest has put his money where his mouth is handing over his whole week's salary to the cause.

TTYL, Heather

Formula For Success?

I've been lucky enough to score a sneak preview of Mariah Carey's "E=MC2" a full week ahead of its public drop. To say the bar was set high by 2005's "The Emancipation of Mimi" is a gross understatement. The disc officially placed MC back at the top of the music industry food chain giving her 3 more #1's and selling nearly 10 million copies worldwide. While the tunes on "E=" would have been a nice added set for "Emancipation" I'm not sure how well they stand on their own as an ALBUM. Yes, "Touch My Body" is a catchy diddy and clearly one we've loved thus far considering it became Mariah's 18th recordbreaking #1 single. However, "E=" could take some warming up to. Its very formulaic in responce to "Emancipation". There are two or three ballads that are very obviously modeled after "We Belong Together". I mean stick with what works right? Many of the new tracks are rap-cameo heavy such is the case with "Migrate" featuring T-Pain to the point of overshadowing MC. Mariah does strect to new territory going a tad reggae on "Cruise Control". And FINALLY after being divorced nearly 10 years already, she gives up the real pain behind her split from head honcho Tommy Mottola. "Side Effects" gives a very raw account of her pain. "Lovin' You Long Time" shows off Mariah's best vocal in years, though "That Chick" would have been better suited for the Glitter soundtrack with its heavy 70's-80's disco vibe. I'm a lil disappointed in what's to be the next single. A song called "Bye Bye". It will probably soar to the chart tops with its "sad you died, miss you forever, 'One Sweet Day'" theme. All in all, "E=MC2" is a fun record, but not as mature or deep as I was hoping for as a Mimi follow-up. It hits stores one week from today.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ramiele Hits The Road

Just have to get this outta the way--YAYYYYYYY!!!
I'm in 1st place in the WAYV AmIDOL Challenge for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! (sorry PK and Di)
Though tears work on me like a charm, I found it hard to be TOO upset that Ramiele Malubay was bumped off Idol last night. I was too busy celebrating that my pic for the pint-sized belter to be sent packing this week panned out. Therefore I neither lose or gain points, but that was not the case for Paul and Diane. I believe I'm only ahead of PK by one notch, but for now thats enough for me. However, Paul did rib the fact that I hadn't marked our scores on the studio scoreboard for the past 2 weeks (my responsibility as creator :-) )--I tend to lose the silver Sharpie needed for this task--but today walked right in and took to marking my week's victory first thing--mere COINCIDENCE, lol.
Ok the show itself last night? BOOOO-ring. I'm not sure I care about Bo Bice anymore and I was overly concerned with wondering if Dolly Parton was going to knock her own lights out if she fell in her 5 inch heels to pay any real attention to her guest appearance. The suprise for me was Brooke White downgraded to this week's BOTTOM 3. While Ramiele's departure served me well I'm still miffed that Kristy Lee Cook has avoided the boot yet again. She's almost mocking the fact that she keeps escaping this fate. Also, I must say I HATE when they make the voted-off contestant sing the show to an end. Most of them are gutwrenched or crying, and while it may be their last chance to get much individual Idol face-time, its just uncomfortable to watch and must feel like torture to them.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dollywood in Hollywood

I'd like to start this blog with a complaint about Ryan Seacrest which I rarely have. His opening monologue/April Fool's Joke on tonight's American Idol was uber LAMEEEEE...like the audience was ever going to buy that the show was being pre-empted because of some dumb vocal coach issue. Go back to the drawing board Ry.
Ok, now on to the telecast itself. Dolly Parton mentoring night for the remaining 9 contestants. I acutally quite enjoyed hearing songs from Dolly's catalogue I wasn't familiar with. Hats off to Brooke White for taking on my fave Parton tune "Jolene". I was pleasantly surprised since I wasn't expecting anyone to tackle it. I was prepared for more predictable renditions of "9 to 5" and "Islands in The Stream", but neither of those were performed. I wasn't super disappointed really by anyone, though once again I'm unimpressed and unmoved my Kristy Lee Cook, and she should have brought more life to the stage this particular week given her country music love/background. Ramiele was also just ordinary and it was a rare bounce-back for David Archiletta whom I thought would struggle with this week's theme. My fave performance of the night came from Carly Smithson and "Here You Come Again"--displayed a sensitivity from her voice I hadn't yet heard, though it was an incredibly strong vocal at the same time. Dave Cook was consistent and I thought Simon was a tad too hard on Syesha's "I Will Always Love You"--even though its a Dolly penned song, no one can get passed the Whitney version.
WAYV AI CHALLENGE breakdown--Paul is still in the lead and it would benefit me immensly if Ramiele went home this week. Diane is lagging but not by much considering she's the only one of the 3 of us to keep Kristy in the competition this long. Elimination and a Dolly performance tomorrow night and I'm gunning to at least tie things up.
TTYL, Heather