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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This is Barkley. Barkley is the beloved family pet of the Loggi family of Upper Township. Dr. Dan Loggi of Cape Atlantic Oral Maxiofacial Surgery is the FANTASTIC oral surgeon who extracted my pesky wisdom teeth over last summer. He and his staff in both Marmora and Cape May Court House are avid WAYV listeners and since I believe in "paying it forward", (they took such good care of me throughout and after surgery) I am hoping to help Dr. Loggi locate his lost family pet.
You see, Barkley the pug has disappeared. He accidentally got out of the Loggi's Upper Twp. home during a recent flower delivery and has not been seen since. Although Barkley has been spotted twice, once along the Garden State Parkway, leads have turned up nothing. The Loggi's have even received "trick" phone calls about Barkley's whereabouts. The family also made a desparate attempt to broaden the community's awareness about their lost pet by taking their story to the Cape May County Gazette.
Dr. Loggi's wife and three young children are heartbroken over Barkley's vanishing. It's as though they've (as well as their other pug pets) have lost a member of their family. And anyone who has ever had a pet go missing I'm sure can sympathize and empathize with the hole it creates in your life to not know where they've gone, if they're safe, or if they've met some terrible fate.
Poor Barkley is out there all alone, missing his family and trying to find his way home. I emplore you PLEASE if you have seen Barkley, or a dog that you feel COULD be Barkley, to email me at Heather@951wayv.com, or call me at the radio station either on-air between 10a and 3p M-F at 609-484-WAYV (9298) or 9:30a-4p M-F at 609-484-8444.
I'm reaching out to hopefully bring Barkley back to the family who loves him. The Loggi's have been sick with grief and any information you could offer would surely ease their minds. I would greatly appreciate anything WAYV listeners and 951WAYV.com readers can do to help.
TTYL, Heather