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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Best David Wins!

In previous blogs I've been unable to hide my contempt for this season of American Idol. I've been disenchanted, uninspired, unimpressed--save David Cook. But last night Idol was redeemed and restored in my eyes. Despite a competiton full of lackluster performances rising to the top over true talent, the best man to fill the Idol shoes will do just that. David Cook is now the American Idol. A bartender turned superstar thanks to a few million fan votes. However, after Tuesday night's final showdown against 17 yr old David Archiletta, chances looked slim that Cook could champion. The judges MELTED over Arch who played it safe and sang straight. After some harsh words from Simon inparticular, the defeat on Dave's face was evident. Continuing to take risks until the very last note (choosing to cover Collective Soul's "The World I Know" over an opportunity to recreate one of his prior performances) would maybe not pay off after all. So imagine my shock to hear Ryan Seacrest crown Cook Idol. The right David, the right choice. And not a close race after all. Not an Archilettic runaway as expected. The voting public got it right by more than 12 million votes. I was even so overdramatically worried that FOX might just hand it all over to Arch for fear his father would shackle him to the basement for all eternity to save the family reputation. The show overall was the most entertaining Idol finale in years. Maybe ever. We got new-tune performances from former Idol's Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks and a slew of well-put-together medlies from industry vets like George Michael, Bryan Adams, Donna Summer and ZZ Top. There was even a bit of comedy with Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. superimposed into a vignette with Gladys Knight--THEY were her poorly rehearsed Pipps, LOL. As for the WAYV American Idol Challenge--I have finally scored my first ever overall win. I correctly predicted about 10% of weekly eliminations over Paul Kelly and Diane, who both tied for 2nd. My point total equalled just 22 thanks to a win by Dave Cook. It was a competitive season early on for the 3 of us and I look forward to defending my first title berth next season. I just hope FOX shakes up Idol with both hands! We need less product placement and group follies, and FRESHER mentors. Not to mention a lil less airtime. Sixty minutes MAXIMUM is more than enough. Catch ya in January 09! Till then you'll just have to find something else to occupy your Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
TTYL, HEATHER "Idol Champ 08" DeLuca :-P
P.S. I WAS going to arrive to the studio today tiara-in-tow with 2nd place ribbons for my competitors but I didn't want to be TOO ostentatious. Maybe I'll be a bit more brazen if I'm able to successfully defend my title through next season.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Between the 2--Who?

American Idol season 7 show down is set. It's the Battle of the Davids--teen crooner Archiletta vs. moody rocker Cook. I'd like to say its a lock for either to take the title, but truth is it could come to meer votes considering each contestants fan base. Dave A. will win the teen vote along with the grandmas of America and probably a huge theater sector. David C. will score the votes of those seeking a TRUE American Idol. Someone who's future tunes would instantly fit into the Top 40 radio market. In my opinion David Archiletta just doesn't hit on all levels. And his svengali papa has been a headache for producers just on the show, can you imagine the hold he'd try to have over album creation? It would be like recording studio martial law. Overall, this AI season was the most diverse talent-wise than in the past few years. So in that respect I feel the 2 Dave's are evenly matched. What I can only hope for is that the original tune usually reserved for the final crowning isn't some sappy "my dreams are coming true" mellowdramatic ballad. Isn't knowing someone's dream is coming true a foregone conclusion? The whole theme of the show to begin with? In any case it looks like I'll finally take my first WAYV American Idol Challenge crown after several attempts. I'm not too many points ahead--just enough to ensure victory next week no matter who becomes the next Idol.